Announcements - LoCAR Members Make a Difference in Their Communities

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Thank you for your generosity!

This year, LoCAR's Community Outreach Committee’s local family was from Vermilion and consists of a mom, dad (Marine vet) and four children (boy age 10, boy age 7, girl age 3 and boy age 9 months).

The family was identified through the Lorain County Veterans Service Commission as a family needing assistance for the holidays.

More than $2,500 was donated along with several items purchased!

Thank you to the following LoCAR members for their generosity and their shopping skills!

Debbie Albrecht

Laura Campbell

Lisa Garcia

Angie Griffiths

Alec Hagerty

Howard Hanna Amherst Office

Heidi Huffman

Paty Jewett

Tania Kegyes

John Korinko

Tyra Lehmann

Ron Lucien

Gail Maier

Emily McManamon

Donna Miller

Jimmy Miller

Carol Murphy

Jennifer Parobek

Kathe Pittman

Susan Provoznik

David Reddy

Sonsee Schramm

Mary Shoemaker

Tammy Smith

Donna Templeton

Taylor Radloff


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