Each committee has its own function and some of these functions overlap. Committee involvement is a great way to get to know other REALTOR® and Affiliate members along with staying informed of the latest industry trends and news.


The Affiliate Committee serves as a resource within LoCAR that promotes the visibility and success of its Affiliate members as supportive partners in the real estate community through various activities; to promote LoCAR membership; works closely with the REALTOR® members on various projects to enhance the reputation and professional image of its members and LoCAR. The Affiliate Committee plans and organizes the LoCAR Chili Cook-Off (February) and Trivia Night (October). REALTOR® members are also welcome. Meets as needed throughout the year. 
Chair: Mary Felton (440-759-4341 / [email protected]).


Oversees member recognition and awards programs. Award presentations are held at the Spring Membership Meeting. 
Chair: Tammy Smith (440-327-6511 / [email protected]

Bylaw / Policy: 

The Bylaw/Policy Task Force periodically reviews LoCAR's bylaws and policies to ensure that they are current, correct and relevant. The Bylaw  & Policy Review Task Force meets as needed throughout the year.
Chair: Ted Schriver (440-225-5219 / [email protected]) Co-Chair: Bill Swanzer (440-258-4104 / [email protected]

Community Outreach: 

The Community Outreach Committee assists local programs in reaching to  fulfill the needs of the community. The committee spearheads such activities as the “Adopt a Military Family” program at Christmas, providing food to various pantries, volunteering at soup kitchens and more.  Committee meets the second Wednesday of the month at 11 AM at the  LoCAR office. 
Chair: Mary Shoemaker (440-365-8392 / [email protected]) Co-Chair: John Korinko (216-406-7905 / [email protected]

Golf Outing: 

The Golf Outing Task Force plans and coordinates the annual Association golf outing with the intent of increasing networking among members and non-members and meet budget goal. Meets as needed throughout the year. 
Chair: John Daly (440-315-7746 / [email protected]) Co-Chair: Bill Feller (440-773-2475 / [email protected]


To compliment OAR’s and NAR’s Call to Action by creating and maintaining a network to communicate the interest of real estate ownership and the concerns of property owners and Association members with legislators. Reviews and becomes familiar with local, state and national issues and legislation that concerns property owners and LoCAR members. Advises members of pending legislation that will impact home ownership and conducting business in our county, cities and townships. Meetings are designed to be email updates as the need arises. Meets as needed throughout the year. 
Chair: Chad Schneider (440-225-8449 / [email protected]


Establishes programs and services that benefit current members, communicates with prospective members, and welcomes new members.  Meets the second Wednesday of the month at 9 AM at the LoCAR office. 
Chair: Janet Beane (440-336-5000 / [email protected]) Co-Chair: Nate Courtney (440-871-7172 / [email protected]


Plans and organizes social activities to promote good will and positive  communication among the LoCAR membership. The Networking Committee consists of both REALTOR® and Affiliate members. The committee plans the home tours, Christmas Party, and other events. Meets the second Wednesday of the month at 10 AM at the LoCAR office.
Chair: Kimberley Guelker (440-346-0915 / [email protected]) Co-Chair: Tyra Lehmann (440-653-7064 / [email protected]

Professional Development: 

Plans, organizes and promotes Association-sponsored continuing education and professional seminars/workshops to enhance the knowledge and professionalism of LoCAR members. Meets as needed throughout the year. 
Chair: David Axford (440-281-3010 / [email protected]) Co-Chair: Jeff Frish (440-452-3765 / [email protected])

REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC): 

Educates Members on the importance of REALTOR® political funding and encourages financial contributions. Plans events to assist with fundraising to meet current goals. Meets as needed throughout the year.
Chair: Laurie Brill (440-670-1571 / [email protected]) Co-Chair:  David Reddy (440-892-2211 / [email protected])


Receives ethics complaints and arbitration requests to determine if a hearing is to be warranted. The Grievance Committee makes only such preliminary evaluation as is necessary to make these decisions. While the Grievance Committee has meetings, it does not hold hearings, and it does not decide whether members have violated the Code of Ethics. The Grievance Committee does not mediate or arbitrate business disputes. Meets as needed throughout the year. Committee members must meet special criteria attend yearly specialized training. 
Chair: Mary Mizen-Bruce (440-238-1400 / [email protected]

Professional Standards: 

Conducts mediation, arbitration and/or ethics hearings which enforce the Code of Ethics and the arbitration of business disputes. Meets as needed throughout the year. Committee members must meet special criteria and attend yearly specialized training. 
Chair: Julia Ecker (440-320-5660 / [email protected]

Young Professionals Network (YPN): 

YPN helps young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in four core areas: REALTOR® associations, Real estate industry, Peers, and Community. YPN will also provide supplemental support to LoCAR’s existing committees by assisting them to achieve current goals. Any REALTOR® or Affiliate who thinks they would benefit from membership is welcome to join. Meets the first Thursday of the month at 10 AM at the LoCAR office.
Chair: Trista Tharp (440-452-9117 /[email protected]) Co-Chair: Melanie Stock (440-282-6177 / [email protected]

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